AED is equipped at the reception desk of Gotenshita Memorial Arena, and the sport consultant’s room in the training room.
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7-3-1 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku
Tokyo 113-0033
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Training room
Requiring Registry Orientation (* except for one-day trial)
One-day trial is available at 500 yen. Please speak to staff at the training room.
1. Stretching area
2. Cardio machine area

In cardio area , there are 10 treadmills, 18 cardio bikes, 4 steppers, 3 cross training machines, and one rowing machine are equipped in order to fulfill the needs of everybody.


Cardio bikes


3. Strength machine area

There are perfect lines of weight training machines to work out every muscle groups.

4. Free weight area
Requiring free weight registry orientation
(* except for one-day trial)

There are tons of free weight equipments in the training room, including 4 bench press benches, 3 power racks, 2 squat racks, smith machine, 45degree leg press machine, hack squat machine, T-bar rows, set of dumbbells (1~59kg), and tons of plates.  Also, rental weight belts are available for free. Note: Taking free weight orientation must be required prior to use the free weight area.


Bench press benches

Dumbbells and weight belts

Note and rules upon using the training room

1. Nobody is allowed to use the training room without taking the orientation. (Except visitor use)

2. Proper wear and inside shoes must be worn in the training room. No bare foot is allowed in the training room. (Rental shoes (200yen, with socks on -- no bare foot is allowed) are available at the training room counter)

3. No food and eating is allowed in the training room. (Please use the Lounge down stair.)

4. No can and glass bottle is allowed. Please bring plastic bottle, or container with lid.

5. Please share the equipments with others.

6. Taking free weight orientation must be required prior to use the free weight area.

7. Be sure to wear the registration wristband while using the training room.

Other information

1. Fitness trainers
Certified fitness trainers are working in the training room to help you to achieve your goal.

2. Training menu
The trainer can provide you the various kinds of training programs to fulfill your needs, such as weight loss, shape up, increase power, hypertrophy, etc. Please feel free to ask the trainer for any questions for anytime

3. Fitness test and personal counseling
Fitness test and personal counseling are also available at Sport consultant’s room. (400yen). Please ask the trainer for detail.