AED is equipped at the reception desk of Gotenshita Memorial Arena, and the sport consultant’s room in the training room.
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7-3-1 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku
Tokyo 113-0033
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Exercise Studio
Studio, equipped with brand new audio system is the room where various kinds of exercise programs are held. (Aerobic dance, ballet, hip-hop dance, jazz dance, Pilates, yoga etc.) Please check the exercise class schedule for detail. All exercise class is free to join in. The exercise studio can be rented. (→See more detail here.)
Note. The studio can be rented only for exercise use. Use the seminar room for other purpose.
Note and rules upon using the exercise studio

1. 1. Wear suitable training wear and inside shoes.

2. 2. Do not use shoes with black rubber sole. (may stain the flooring with black mark)

3. 3. No eating is allowed.

4. 4. No can or glass bottle please. (bring plastic bottle or container with lid)

5. Please share the space with others when crowded.

For renting the studio

1. Please register as Gotenshita Club and make the reservation. See more detail here.

2. The audio system is not rented. So please bring own audio set.