Reservation and renting the facility

Some facilities of Gotenshita Arena can be reserved and rented with inexpensive cost.

Groups or an individual must be registered as “Gotenshita Club” in order to reserve and rent the facilities in Gotenshita Arena.

To become the Gotenshita Club, you must be Tokyo university member and must make the group which consists of more than half members are Tokyo university member.

However, one exception would be applied for renting the facility without becoming the Gotenshita Club if you fulfill the conditions below.
* Use the facility for the event of the laboratory, department, section etc.
* It must be an annual event, or such kind of event. (held once a year)
* It must be weekday or other uncrowded hours.

For more information about the Gotenshita Club, Reservation and renting the facility, please e-mail or visit the University of Tokyo Athletic Association (Undou-Kai) office.

Undou-Kai office
Tel: 03-5841-2510 (ex: 22510)
Fax: 03-5841-2523