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Exercise programs
Gotenshita arena provides variety of exercise programs to meet all kinds of exercise needs. Those classes are performed by experienced and certified instructor. There is no extra charge, no need to make a reservation prior to join the class, just come and feel free to join with us.
Yoga, Pilates, Savat
Yoga refers to traditional physical and mental disciplines originating in India. Pose and meditation help you to keep both physical and mental balanced, and provide a great relaxation. Basic poses and posture are practiced in this course, so anyone feel free to join in.

Mon 17:30-18:15 (Asano) Meditation
Mon 18:25~19:15 (Saito) Ashtanga
Tue 12:10-12:50 (Koyama) Easy Yoga
Tue 19:20-20:05 (Watanabe) Yoga
Wed 17:30-18:15 (Asano) Flow Yoga (Intermediate)
Sat 16:10-17:00 (Sato) Relaxation
Sat 17:10-18:10 (Sato) Yoga
Aroma Yoga
Aromatic oils have been medicines that work on mind & body. The more their aromas relieve muscle tightness. Get your mind & body relaxed more effectively by combination of yoga & aroma! This class is recommended for ending the day.

Tue 18:20-19:10 (Watanabe)
This is the very effective program especially to tone your waist line. Also you can expect sufficient effect on strengthen inner muscle, and as a result, you can improve posture and prevent lower back pain.

Thu 12:10-12:50 (Matsuda)
Fri 17:30-18:15 (Ogihara)
Sat 14:10-15:00 (Nakazawa)
Savat is the French style kick boxing, also known as “Boxe Franceise” This introduction course teaches you the basic techniques of Savat and guides you to more advance skills. Non experienced person is very welcome. This program is produced by JAC (Japan Savat Club)

Tue 19:05-20:05 (JSC instructors)
Sat 14:00-15:00 (JSC instructors)
Dance classes
This is the introduction course of modern ballet. Start with bar exercise and move into enchaînements through the class.

Wed 19:25-20:10 (Sakashita) Intermediate
Sat 13:00-13:50 (Taniguchi) Start
(Taniguchi: 1st,3rd,5th week, Ogihara: 2nd and 4th week) *From May
Hip Hop Dance
This class introduces you the basic steps that are common among the street dance. Hip Hop, Jazz, Lock steps are practiced through the class. Please start with “Start” or “Beginner” class.

Fri 19:20-20:10 Beginner/Intermediate (Miyamoto)
Jazz Dance
Jazz dance is a very popular dance among all ages. The class starts with very basic movements, so non experienced persons are welcome to join in.

Sat 12:00-12:50 Beginner (Futagawa)
Aerobic dance classes
You can enjoy moving your body to the music by doing aerobics centered programs. You can also join each class to begin exercises aiming for fat burning, cardio improvement and general health.

Tue 17:30-18:15 Beginner (Takahashi)
Thu 19:25-20:10 Beginner (Kawamura)
Sat 15:10-16:00 Beginner/Intermediate (Koyama)
Body Attack
Body Attack is the aerobics class that uses basic punch and kick movement, and those combinations. This simple, but joyful movement would help you to tone your body line, and has great effect on relief your stress.

Wed 18:25-19:15 (Ohira)
Shape Up Boxing
Why not enjoy this fatburning fitness shadowboxing--so effective a way to knock down stress and get on lean abs, arms, back & lower body-- along to music?

Mon 19:25~20:10 (Lenn)
Thu 17:30-18:15 (Lenn)
Slim Circuit
This is the total body shape program originating in Gotenshita. By using the method of super circuit training, with combination of machine strength exercise and step cardio exercise alternatively done by every 30 seconds, you would find this is very effective and enjoyable. Also you can learn basic step movement through the program, so it can be the introduction class of step movement. ※If you join this class for the first time, please come to the gym 5~10min before the class starts and take the instruction of the class. (You might not join the class unless you take the instruction.)

Mon 12:15-12:45 at Training room (Kajiki)
Wed 12:15-12:45 at Training room (Koyama)
Fri 12:15-12:45 at Training room (Takahashi)
"ZUMBA" is a dynamic and exciting fitness exercise which fully utilizes the rhythm and the taste of the music! It is a program just like a party — this is "ZUMBA"!!!

Fri 18:25-19:10(Ishikawa)
Dance Fitness
With enjoyment, keep the rhythm to perform basic steps and simple movements, aiming for fat burning. If you want to refresh yourself, want to shape your body or want to try to do dances, you can join this class to enjoy a variety of choreography!

Thu 18:30-19:15(Kawamura)
Pool programs
Swimming Class
This is a easy-to-follow and vey fun swimming class designed for beginners and intermediate level of people! You can learn from the basics of the swimming to the four swimming methods. (Maximum of 10 participants)

Fri 18:30-19:30 at Swimming pool (Kyoya)
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