AED is equipped at the reception desk of Gotenshita Memorial Arena, and the sport consultant’s room in the training room.
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Swimming pool

A 25m six lane, 1.25m depth pool with state of the art water purification and filtration system “MYOX”. The pool lanes are divided according to swimming speed, allowing everybody to swim smoothly at their own pace. The pool can be used for swimming, walking-in water, and aqua exercise class. A joyful aqua exercise program “Aqua shape” is held every Saturday 14:00-14:45.

Note and rules upon using the training room
■For keeping good water condition

1. Please take a shower and wash off the makeup and hairdressings before swimming.

2. A swim cap must be worn in the swimming pool.

3. Using a soap and shampoo at the shower located beside the poolside is prohibited.

4. Eating and drinking at the poolside is prohibited.

■To prevent accidents and injury

1. Wearing a watch, a necklace or any kind of jewelries inside the swimming pool is prohibited.

2. Diving into the pool is prohibited.

3. Swimming paddles are not allowed to use.

4. Be sure to wear the locker key while using the pool.

■Other rules

1. Please use the lane suitable for your purpose, swim speed, and skills.

2. For pool walking, please only use the lane with entrance and exit.

3. Do not across the swim lane.

4. Please wipe off your body well before going back to the locker room.

5. Under junior high school student is not allowed to enter the pool.