Items for indoor use (rented out at the Gotenshita reception desk)

Basketball, volleyball, futsal ball, badminton racket and shuttle, table tennis (racket and net), bibs
*100yen/2hour for badminton racket; other items are free to rent.
*We do not rent a swimming cap
Rental hours: Opening time - 10 min before the closing time

Items for indoor use (rented out at the training room)

Rental indoor shoes (200yen: can be used at the training room and the gymnasium) Rental bouldering shoes (200yen: bouldering use only) Stop watch (for free)

Rental hours
weekday 11:30-20:20 (-21:20 for May, June and July [summer time])
Saturday 10:30-19:30

Items for ground use (rented out at the office of Undou-Kai)

Softball (gloves, mitt, bat, musk, base etc.), Soccer (ball, bibs, flags etc.) Others (whistle, stopwatch etc)
*Those items are free to rent.
*The student ID or the faculty member ID is required to rent.
Rental hours: Weekday 9:30-20:00, Saturday 8:30-19:00.